Health Benefits of fishing

The Surprising Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Fishing

Imagine you are on an island with your friends enjoying annual vacation days, it is full sunny day with cool breezing around and all are in mood for some adventurous activity nearby a natural lake; what struck in your mind.

Fishing in the lake water would be the right answer for this activity. It is wonderful, amazing and a full time enjoyment for a life-time memory.

Normally, fishing is meant to catching fish in stock of water like ponds, lakes, canals. Fishing is also done in deep-sea water by fisher/seamen for trade purpose while staying in the Sea for longer period.

Fishing offers a lot of opportunities to get close with nature and realize the emotional mood because of spending time outdoors.

Fishing is a very healthy activity that improve physical health and mental relaxation. Fishing carries many benefits altogether from decreasing the cortisol levels, maintaining the blood pressure to increasing physical strength.

Along with these benefits, fishing is considered one of the most popular recreational activities in the world.

It is human nature that nobody does any activity / work without knowing its advantages and important benefits.  Modern day fishing has itself many benefits for human health both physical and mental.  Some of them are highlighted here.

Fishing being a healthy sports has two types of benefits for human health:

Physical Health Benefits of Fishing

Improve physical fitness

Fishing is a bigger workout than one can imagine! Fishing is the all the time physical activity and involves all part of body including shoulders, arms, back and legs. This automatically improves the overall fitness of your body.

Enrich of Immune System

Since Fishing is a complete outdoor activity facing sun and its beams the day long but it is a great source of obtaining vitamin D which includes two important minerals i.e. calcium and phosphorus. The combination of both improves the immune system of the body and enables it to defend against diseases.

Opportunity to have clean Air

Fishing is carried out in coastal areas or a river/canal bank surrounded by mountains which are oxygen tents and places with neat & clean air. During the entire activity of fishing fresh & clean air fills your lungs making them ever stronger and healthy.

Eating healthy food

Although fishing is taken as out-door picnic where eatable and necessary meals prepared in advance and kept in boxes to have on lunch-time. But fishing is an interesting and challenging exercise where caught fishes are the only source of meal. Fishermen prefer to cook the fresh meal by grilling / frying the caught fish.

Fish is the healthies food on the planet and a Gift by God and full of protein & minerals (zinc, iodine, magnesium & potassium).  It is a rich diet directly benefit heart, bones and brain.

Thus fishing ultimate provides the opportunity to have healthy and delicious food.

Fishing maintains the balance of body

Fishing has many types or styles and each one gives a balance in your body.

Even a gentle swell can improve your balance when you’re standing in a boat rocking, as well as activate your muscles, resulting in better core strength.

Mental Health Benefits of Fishing

Removes Stress

Fishing is carried out in an open and natural environment that automatically fascinates human nature and diverts the people brain from all evils and beds of hectic life. Fishing creates the peace of mind by removing the stress and all types of pressures. Fishing trips also give people something to look forward to and a way to bring people together. 

A day of fishing is full of activity in pleasant weather automatically relax your mind, removes depression and leaves positive impacts to human mental health.

Increase patience

Fishing is the only sport or activity that requires patience and complete concentration, one has sit and wait hours & hours by falling fishing rod in the water. The more you demonstrate patience, the more fish you catch in fishing. And the repetition of this exercise, would take your patience level remarkably high.

All types of fishing requires intense concentration and focus and its practice make you able to deal with all challenges of life with confidence and calmness.

Fishing is not a game but it a series of practical life lessons you need them more.

Build Strong Relations with Family & Friends

Fishing is a popular sport and every one can enjoy from all ages. It is a great family entertainment wherein kids, women, youngsters and old man can participate on a scheduled day at a set point.

Fishing is like family gathering and a challenge for parents to get their children leave social media and virtual world and spend time outdoors. This automatically build their relations strong with their elders and keep them united for all such activities.

The memories of such events and activities are lasting for ever unforgettable.  It other words, fishing provides all members of family and even close relatives to spend time together for fun and healthy activities.

The above mentioned formula can be applied on your friends who could tie up in deepest and lasting friendship due to fishing activity.

Boost  Self-Reliance

Fishing is the key factor of boosting self-reliance upon the skills you have. 

Confidence is the key mood booster and Fishing help it by upping your skills. One of the best mood boosters is confidence. And fishing can help by upping your skills. The more experience you gain on the water, whether it’s selecting the best fishing spot or dealing with problems that arise, you’ll strengthen your decision-making skills, allowing you to reach other personal goals.

Final Words

Fishing is a wonderful activity that not only promotes our physical health, but also improves our mental health. Here we have highlighted a few benefits of fishing for physical and mental health and we hope you found them interesting.

Please comment below if you would like to add some more benefits.

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